Fuel Safety

Safety is Our Number One Priority!

Thousands of customers fill up at getGo™ every day, which is why we make fuel safety our number one priority! It’s also why we expect customers to follow several simple guidelines while fueling their vehicles — and why we reserve the right to shut off pumps when we observe practices that might threaten your safety or the safety of others. We enforce these rules for the protection of all our customers and Team Members, and also to remain in compliance with flammable and combustible liquids laws respective to the states in which getGo operates.

5 Steps For Safety

For your safety, our Team Members are authorized to shut off pumps when they witness unsafe fueling practices.

Fuel Safety

Filling Portable Fuel Containers

Warning: Improper filling creates a danger of fire!

It is unlawful and dangerous to dispense gasoline into unapproved or improperly labeled containers.
Follow these directions for safety:

Gas Cans

Gasoline Safety Doesn't End at the Pump

For your safety, practice these gasoline storage rules in your home:

Gasoline Health & Safety Information

Kerosene Safety

Get Informed

The fuel safety rules we follow at getGo are consistent with industry and governmental standards for the safe handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

If you’re interested in learning more about the laws governing fuel safety where you live, you’ll find the following Web sites helpful:

National Fire Protection Association
American Petroleum Institute

Thank you for fueling with us!

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