Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel FAQs

Yes! All of our stations offer “Pay at the Pump" for your added convenience.

When gasoline is purchased with a PIN debit card, GetGo requests a "pre-authorization" before beginning the fueling process. This "pre-authorization" assures that GetGo will be paid for the fuel dispensed. The amount "pre-authorized" is the lower of the dollar limit set by the card issuer or up to $129. After fuel is dispensed, GetGo immediately sends a "completion transaction" notice to the card issuer. It is the responsibility of the debit card issuer to reverse the amount that was "pre-authorized" and deduct the actual amount for the fuel purchased as shown on the receipt.

Our fuelperks!® program is available in select markets. Learn more at

We offer the highest quality fuels available including every grade of gasoline. In select markets, we even offer diesel and kerosene! Check the Store Locator for details.

We provide high quality gasoline that meets or exceeds all federal, DEP, EPA and auto manufacturer requirements. Our fuel is collected from the same terminals that other national brands use, making our product very similar to what the major gas companies offer at the pump. Although it is almost impossible to distinguish a crude oil’s country of origin, our suppliers are domestic and based in Pennsylvania. Every grade of our gasoline comes from domestic refiners.

Our goal is to deliver low prices on all grades of our fuel!

While fueling, gasoline fumes hover approximately 12 to 24 inches above the ground and may fan out as much as 20 feet. If left running, heat from your vehicle’s catalytic converter could ignite a flash fire.

By remaining outside of your vehicle while fueling — and by making sure to ground yourself by touching a metal object (your car door, for example) prior to touching the hose — you minimize the risk of a static discharge that could ignite fumes. Additionally, you’re better able to monitor the pump and react in case of an overfill or other problem.

Staying close to your car during fueling allows you to be attentive to the status of the fill-up, minimizing the risk of overfilling or spilling. Customers may be held liable for emergency response and environmental clean up costs in the event of a fuel spill caused by negligence at the pump.

Lit tobacco products in the presence of gasoline fumes are a potentially lethal combination, which may lead to a fire or an explosion.

Gasoline naturally expands in your fuel tank. By topping off your tank after the auto shut-off has engaged, you risk spillage or an unsafe accumulation of vapors. One ounce of spilled gasoline produces the same volatile emissions as a car driving 56 miles.

This simple system for differentiating between fuel types helps to prevent cross-contamination of fuel containers. Even a small amount of gasoline residue mixed with kerosene can lead to a potentially deadly situation. Required by law in states in which GetGo operates.

Grounding fuel containers is essential for eliminating the risk of a static discharge that may ignite gas fumes. Automobile carpet or bed liners in trucks increase the potential for a static charge.

Filling multiple vehicles, or double-pumping, increases the risk of fire, and is strictly prohibited at GetGo fuel stations.
All of these policies are in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and are required by law in many states in which GetGo operates, and will be strictly enforced by GetGo personnel. GetGo Team Members are authorized to shut off pumps when they witness unsafe fueling practices.

Every year, more than 2,500,000 customers get going and keep going with GetGo gasoline! Why? Because we offer the highest quality fuel available. Our quality gasoline meets or exceeds all Federal, DEP, EPA and auto manufacturer requirements. We monitor our state-of-the-art equipment, storage tanks and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you'll get the highest quality gasoline, diesel and kerosene every time you fill up. If your car develops a problem that was caused by our gasoline, we'll pay for the repair. Problem must be verified by an ASE A8 certified technician to receive full payment for repair.

Fleet Card FAQs

The Advantage Card is a consumer loyalty program where individuals can earn and redeem rewards. The GetGo Fleet Program is a business program that allows companies to consolidate and manage their fuel purchases while also earning rebates on their purchases.

Yes. To meet your needs, we offer two convenient programs. The GetGo Fleet Regional card is accepted at over 200 GetGo locations in Western PA, Eastern OH, MD and WV. The GetGo Fleet Universal card can be used at any GetGo and approximately 90% of fuel retailers nationwide. Choose the program that best fits your business best.

Both programs offer your company the potential to earn up to 7¢ per gallon in rebates, depending on how much you fuel every month at getGo. The cards also allow you to control and track what your drivers are purchasing. Since all data is captured electronically, there is no need to keep receipts. And the programs offer rich monthly reporting so you can better understand and monitor your fuel spend.

Using the GetGo Fleet card requires drivers to enter an authorized ID number, as well as the vehicle's odometer reading. This allows you to track who is fueling where, when and what. To help limit fraud and abuse, you can also set the card for fuel purchases only.

The Regional program has no associated fees. The Universal program has a one-time setup fee of $40 per account and a cost of $2 per month for each fleet card issued to your company.

Yes. In markets where available, your Advantage Card® can be scanned to begin the transaction. If there are any fuelperks!® available for redemption, you will be prompted to respond if you want to use them prior to swiping your fleet card.

Yes. We offer a free drink with inside purchase. When your drivers show their GetGo Fleet card, they can get any size coffee, fountain drink or frozen beverage or any Giant Eagle® brand bottled beverage (where available). They simply make a food, grocery or gift card purchase to earn their free drink (this does not include fuel, tobacco, alcohol, price-controlled milk products (PA only) or lottery tickets).