Free Food, Free Fuel & Big Discounts!

Available now at all Indiana GetGo Café  + Markets


With an account, you can view your Perks balance at any time. You can even use your Ricker’s Reward card as your Advantage Card.

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Ricker's Card

Ricker’s Rewards Are Now Fuelperks!

If you have a Ricker’s Card, we’ve transferred all of your points, and you can still use your Ricker’s Rewards Card to earn perks!

Choose how to Redeem

Redeem perks at the pump or at checkout.

Free Food

Redeem perks on free in-store items, food or drinks listed below!

Free Fuel

Earn 10¢ off per gallon for every 50 perks, up to a free tank!

Grocery Discounts

Earn 2% off groceries at Market District for every 50 perks, up to 20% off an order!

Earn Perks in More Places

Now earn perks on groceries, gift cards, gas and prescriptions!

1 Perk per $1 Spent

on Groceries or Gift Cards

2 Perks per gallon

at Getgo

5 Perks per Rx fill

at the Pharmacy

Redeem on In-Store Items

50 Perks
View More
100 Perks
150 Perks
Keep Earning

Every 50 perks earns you another 10¢ off gas or 2% off groceries.


Ricker’s Rewards is now fuelperks+. You’ll save more, earn perks quickly, and you can choose how you want to redeem your perks – from free food to a free tank! Our perks are always on point. Learn more below!

We launched our fuelperks+ program in all of our former Ricker’s locations so we can bring you the same offers and savings that our GetGo locations enjoy. fuelperks+ now also gives YOU the choice on how you want to redeem – on gas, groceries, or our GetGo Free Food menu of snacks, drinks and made-to-order food!

You earn 1 perk for every $1 spent in-store and on gift card and 2 perks for every gallon of fuel pumped. Save big when you pile up the perks! Every 50 perks get you closer to free gas, groceries or GetGo goodies.

You don’t have to do anything! If you participated in the Ricker’s Rewards program you now have fuelperks+. Easy!
All of your Ricker’s Rewards points were converted to perks at midnight on Monday, July 1, that you can now use for free food or discounts on gas and groceries! You’ll see your perks balance on your receipt and you can download the Giant Eagle app to check your perk balance at any time.
Yes, you can continue to use your Ricker’s Rewards card to earn and redeem with fuelperks+! Or, if you’d like, you can get an Advantage Card at your neighborhood GetGo or visit the Customer Service Desk at Market District, where you can register for free in less than five minutes! You can also register by phone; just call 1-866-620-0216.
You earn perks when you shop at GetGo and Market District– both in the store and at the pump! Now earn perks on your gas, GetGo in-store purchases, Market District groceries, gift cards, prescriptions and pretty much everything we sell! You’ll also earn perks when you shop online at Curbside Express, when you shop our Gift Card Gallery and when you order from GetGo on the Giant Eagle app. Perks are not earned when redeeming.
The choice is yours! You will be asked when checking out or filling up if you’d like to redeem your perks. Save on gas, groceries, or redeem your perks for free snacks, drinks and made-to-order food at GetGo. Just check out the GetGo Free Food menu to see what’s available. From tots and chips, to coffee, subs and sweets, you’ll be able to cash in your perks to refill and refresh yourself.

You can redeem your perks for up to 20% off any size grocery order or up to a free tank of gas (up to 30 gallons of fuel in one transaction for one vehicle). If you have perks greater than the current price of fuel or above 20%, you can use them on any future shopping trips until your perks expire. Perks pointer – every $1 you earn off per gallon of gas is equivalent to 20% off any size grocery order!

Redeeming for food at GetGo? Great! Just check out the GetGo Free Food menu in-store and on to see what’s available. Each item on the menu is assigned a perk value. If you’ve got the perks it’s yours!

Up to 90 days! Perks expire on rolling Tuesday cycles and customers are randomly assigned to each Tuesday of the month. For instance, perks earned in June will expire on a Tuesday in August (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th).
Absolutely! You will earn 1 perk for every $1 spent on retailer gift cards. In fact, gift cards are a great way to build up your perks fast! GetGo, WetGo® and Market District gift cards do not earn perks when purchased but will earn perks when redeemed.
We track them for you! You’ll find your perks balance on your receipt, and at or Plus, you can download the Giant Eagle app to your phone and track your perks at any time.
You can visit for additional program information or contact our Customer Care Team Monday — Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., at 1-866-620-0216.