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Ricker's Card

Ricker’s Rewards is now fuelperks+

You’ll save more, earn perks quickly, and you can choose how you want to redeem your perks – to a free tank! And, you can keep using your Ricker’s Rewards card to earn and redeem perks.

Choose how to Redeem

Redeem perks at the pump or at checkout.

Free Fuel

Earn 10¢ off per gallon for every 50 perks, up to a free tank!

Grocery Discounts

Earn 2% off groceries at Market District for every 50 perks, up to 20% off an order!

Earn Perks in More Places

Now earn perks on groceries, gift cards, gas and prescriptions!

1 Perk per $1 Spent

on Groceries or Gift Cards

2 Perks per gallon

at Getgo

5 Perks per Rx fill

at the Pharmacy

fuelperks plus
Keep Earning

Every 50 perks earns you another 10¢ off gas or 2% off groceries.

fuelperks plus

April 10, 2022:

The option to redeem fuelperks+ for free food or drinks inside Getgo will come to an end on the effective date.

All other fuelperks+ redemption rewards apply.

For every 50 perks, Customers will only be able to redeem for 2% off a future grocery order (maximum 20% off any single order) or 10¢s; off per gallon of gas at Getgo.

See our updated terms and conditions.

If you have any feedback feel free to contact us.

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