Smoothie + Espresso Bar

Whipped. Topped. Blended.

Smoothies Expressos

There’s seriously something for everybody at our Smoothie + Espresso Bar. Hot. Cold. Frozen. Blended. Caffeinated. Sugar free. See? Those are only a few of our endless options. Get going with fresh-brewed espresso or a Café Americano. Order a Latte or Mocha and ask for it piping hot, ice cold or frozen and topped with whipped cream and luscious caramel or chocolate drizzle. We’ve got coffee-free Chai tea and hot chocolate, too! Then, there are our super-flavorful Smoothies. We can even add a splash of yogurt or sweet cream (kinda like liquid ice cream — total awesomeness).

Come on in to sip, smile and enjoy!

Available in select locations. Find a getGo Cafe near you!